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Tube Bending Machine Operation

Tube Bending Machine Operation

Macri Tube Bending Machine Operation The tube or section bar bending process commences with the loading (manual loading or by means of a robot or loader) of the tube into the predefined position for commencing the initial bending.

Once the clamps have tightened, the tube is bent from the Y axis and the core is extracted before bending is complete: a fundamental step for ensuring a high quality end result. After the first bend, the clamps reopen to allow automatic advancement of the tube on the X axis, its rotation in the space (Z axis) and the commencement of a new bend.

In variable bending, the tube is automatically positioned on the bend die by the variable radius (axes B1 and B2, A). Once the rolls have closed, the Y axis positions itself along the calculated height to execute the desired radius, interpolated with the X axis it pushes the tubes and executes the bend.

Macri Tube Bending Machine Operation