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Tube Bending Machines

1 to 12 axes electric tube bending machines

Macri Italia production comprises 4 series of tube bending machines, each having different tube dimensions and thus different bending capacities.

Indeed, one of the most important variables when choosing a machine is the diameter of the tube to be bent, which – according to the Macri Italia classification system – can be of:
- up to 35 mm » Series 35
- up to 45 mm » Series 45
- up to 65 mm » Series 65
- up to 90 mm » Series 90

Macri Italia can produce 1 to 12 axes electric tube bending machines, depending on the level of automation and the product that is to be produced. The most popular are the EURO (1 axis), PROFAST (3 axes), PROVAR 5 (5 axes) and PROVAR 6 (6 axes) tube benders.

Thanks to the extensive experience of its technicians, Macri Italia also produces special tube bending machines that are especially modified to meet the customer's production needs.

Tube Bending Machine Series 35

Tube Bending Machines SERIES 35

Series 35 comprises 1 to 6 axes tube bending machines that are capable of bending tubes up to 35 mm in diameter.

Thanks to the brushless engines and extremely reliable operation, these machines are particularly quick and rapid and are suitable for producing compound bends. They are therefore very popular in the hydraulic sector.

Tube Bending Machine Series 45

Tube Bending Machines SERIES 45

Series 45 comprises 1 to 6 axes tube bending machines that are capable of bending tubes up to 45 mm in diameter.
The machines are made entirely of steel and have been designed using new engineering techniques that allow compound and freeform bends to be produced.

Tube Bending Machine Series 65

Tube Bending Machines SERIES 65

Series 65 comprises 1 to 6 axes tube bending machines that are capable of bending tubes up to 65 mm in diameter: an important dimension that does not however prevent the design of an extremely versatile tube bender.

Tube Bending Machine Series 90

Tube Bending Machines SERIES 90

Series 90 is the range of machine bending tubes that allows large tubes (up to 90 mm in diameter with a wall thickness of up to 7 mm), generally used in the rough framing sector.

Special Tube Bending Machines

SPECIAL Tube Bending Machines

Macri Italia is also able to design and produce special tube bending machines, for each series by modifying the structure on the basis of the customer's specific production needs.

Control Cabinet of tube benders
Control cabinet

All Macri Italia tube benders are operated by an electric information system that can be managed by means of a control cabinet located next to each machine.

Tube benders' software

The distinctive feature of the Macri Italia offering is an exclusive software that allows for extremely easy and user-friendly management of the tube bending machine.


Download the PDF file of Macri Italia tube bending machine data sheets that are most of interest to you.

tube bending machines' tooling set

The tube bending machines can be equipped with different equipment sets, depending on the customer’s specific needs.