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Tube bender control cabinet

Macri Italia

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Macri Italia tube bender control cabinet
Quadro elettrico con computer industriale e software all'avanguardia e di facile gestione per macchine curvatubi elettriche Macri Italia.
Macri Italia tube bender control cabinet
All Macri Italia tube benders are operated by an electric information system that can be managed by means of a control cabinet located next to each machine.

The touch-screen monitor and exclusive software make this technologically avant-garde and easy to manage solution the unique selling point of the Macri Italia offering.
3/5/6 Axes Control Cabinet Features
  • Ergonomic control cabinet with front panel and 19” touch-screen monitor
  • Compact industrial computer
  • 80 Gb hard disk
  • Integrated Ethernet network
  • 3 serial ports
  • 3 USB ports - 1 at the front
  • Multilingual last-generation operating system
  • Keyboard and mouse.
1 Axis Control Cabinet Features
  • Air-conditioned control cabinet
  • Small back-lit display
  • 200-program memory capacity
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