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Tube bender control cabinet

Macri Italia

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Macri Italia tube bender control cabinet
Quadro elettrico con computer industriale e software all'avanguardia e di facile gestione per macchine curvatubi elettriche Macri Italia.
Macri Italia tube bender control cabinet
All Macri Italia tube benders are operated by a information system in real time and managed through a control cabinet placed next to each machine.

The touch-screen monitor and exclusive software make this technologically avant-garde and easy to manage solution the unique selling point of the Macri Italia offering.
3/5/6 Axes Control Cabinet Features
  • Ergonomic control cabinet with front panel and 19” touch-screen monitor
  • Compact industrial computer
  • 80 Gb hard disk
  • Integrated Ethernet network
  • 3 serial ports
  • 3 USB ports - 1 at the front
  • Multilingual last-generation operating system
  • Keyboard and mouse.
1 Axis Control Cabinet Features
  • Air-conditioned control cabinet
  • Small back-lit display
  • 200-program memory capacity
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