Bending machine Provar 5 Axes - Series 90

5 axes bending machine for tube up to 90 mm in diameter

Authentic Macri The original Tube Bending Machine Series 65

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Data sheet
Y Max. bending speed °/1" 45
Y Tolerance +/- ° 0.1
X Max. traverse speed mm 1" 650
X Tolerance +/- mm 0.1
Z Max. gripper rotation speed °/1" 180
Z Tolerance +/- ° 0.1
B1 Max. speed mt/1' 6
B1 Tolerance +/- mm 0.1
B2 Max. speed mt/1' 6
B2 Tolerance +/- mm 0.1
Weight +/- Kg 6000

Round tube R=42 kg/mm2 mm 90x7
Variable curve R=42 kg/mm2
RM min 10 D
mm 80x2
Round stainless steel tube mm 80x3
Round tube Alum. Brass Copper Alloys mm 90x5
Square tube R=42 kg/mm2 mm 60x60x3
Rect. tube bent easy way mm 40x80x2
Rect. tube bent hard way mm 80x50x2
Round bar R=42 kg/mm2 mm 50
Square solid R=42 kg/mm2 mm 40x40
Min. R.I. with normal axle mm 50
Min R.I. special mm 50
Max. R.M. with rolls mm 380
Mandrel extraction stroke mm 100
Max bending angle ° 195
Working length mm 3600
Machine extensions mm 1560